Cosmetic surgery tourism has been a thing for quite some time now as travelling internationally has become progressively more affordable.

Travel for Botox

( — April 26, 2016) — In the UK alone, hundreds of thousands people travel each year abroad to undergo non-invasive cosmetic surgery such as botox and filler injections, and even heavier plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants and rhinoplasty at a fraction of the UK cost and under the sun.

Specialised companies offering packages combining luxury holidays and cosmetic surgery have become widely popular and looking younger and more glamourous at a single click of a button while booking your holidays online has never been easier. We look at eight of the most popular cosmetic surgery destinations around the globe.

1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has been dubbed the “plastic surgery capital of the world” so there is little surprise to see it crawling to the top of our listing. It has had the highest number of operations per capita since 2009. It’s omnipresent in South Korean culture but half of the biggest clinics in Seoul actually are owned by foreigners.  

2. Mauritius

A relatively newcomer in the cosmetic surgery tourism business, Mauritius is investing big bucks into new facilities such as the Apollo Bramwell hospital to attract holidaymakers looking for discretion on this secluded island of the Pacific ocean combined with top end treatments.

3. India

India is commonly regarded as the go-to place for getting work done on the cheap. Travellers expect to pay as little as 10% of the European or American price and India is also famous for its high number of world-famous surgeons.

4. Brazil

Brazil has long been a cosmetic surgery tourism hotspot with buttocks implants and butt lifts, facelifts and tummy tucks being among the most popular procedures.

5. Hawaii

Hawaii welcomes travellers and cosmetic surgery enthusiasts mostly from China, Japan and Canada. Perks include top surgeons and relaxing in private bungalows on the beach post-op.

6. Turkey

Word has it that Turkey is fast becoming the place to go to for complete dental makeover and facelifts at a fraction of the cost and under the sun. Turkey also ranks at the top for its particularly high number of plastic surgeons practicing in the country.

7. Jamaica

Affordable cosmetic procedures, sea, sand and sun are widely available in this small island of the Caribbean sea. The island is betting big on medical tourism with huge investments being made to open up not one but two entirely new medical facilities before 2017 that will be exclusively dedicated to cosmetic, plastic and dental procedures.

8. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas isn’t just about casino and entertainment: these days, it’s also known for cheap botox available on the fly in spas all across the city.