Arem Nutritionals announces the release of the first ever prenatal multivitamin supplement for thyroid patients and pregnant/breastfeeding women.

( — May 3, 2016) Houston, Texas — Arem Nutritionals, the Texas-based company specializing in nutritional support of thyroid health and metabolism, recently announced the release of their newest and unique product ThyroNatal. This supplement is the first of its kind, targeting the thyroid health of pregnant women and their developing fetuses. ThyroNatal is a well-balanced mixture of vitamins, antioxidants, and trace mineral elements that are critical for optimal thyroid support and fetal development. Balancing thyroid function of both the mother and the developing baby are crucial for a healthy pregnancy outcome and for fetal brain development. The function of the thyroid gland and its stability depends on several factors including the availability of the right amounts of several micronutrients, such as iodine and Selenium, to name a few. ThyroNatal takes into account these fundamental requirements even for pregnant women who do not have a thyroid disorder. In essence, ThyroNatal is suggested for any pregnant or breastfeeding woman with or without thyroid disease. In addition, this innovative supplement contains the most bioavailable form of Folate, called Quatrefolic, which is ideal for those with some genetic conditions, such a MTHFR gene mutation. ThyroNatal is gluten-free, as gluten sensitivity is common among those struggling with thyroid issues. In addition, it does not contain any artificial additives or dyes that could irritate the immune system.

Company founder, Dr. Ridha Arem, author of The Thyroid Solution and The Protein Boost Diet, Houston thyroid doctor, and renowned thyroid and metabolism expert with over 30 years of experience in the field, says that this unique supplement was long overdue. “Until the release of ThyroNatal, no other prenatal vitamin supplement on the market has focused in any way on thyroid health in pregnant women,” says Dr. Arem. To learn more about this revolutionary product, visit

The company behind ThyroNatal, Arem Nutritionals, has been in operation since 2007 and is the only existing company that was founded by a thyroid expert and that strictly focuses on thyroid wellness. Dr. Arem’s decades of experience studying human metabolism and thyroid function have made him believe that dietary supplements and nutritional support are integral parts of his comprehensive programs of treating patients with thyroid disease and slow metabolism. This is the reason he has designed and made available for the public, a comprehensive line of safe and well-balanced supplements and nutritional products to support thyroid health, the immune system, and metabolism. Arem Nutritionals has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation in the dietary supplement industry focusing on thyroid patient needs. With the online availability of these unique products, he has helped countless patients across the globe regain and improve their thyroid health. Arem Nutritionals also offers a wide range of Protein Boost Diet Products, such as protein bars, shakes, and weight loss supplements to help Thyroid Patients lose weight efficiently in addition to the ThyroLife line of thyroid support supplements. To learn more about the company and the nutritional supplements they retail on their website, visit

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Established in 2007 by thyroid and metabolism specialist, Dr. Ridha Arem, author of The Thyroid Solution and The Protein Boost Diet, Arem Nutritionals is an online leader in dietary supplements and nutritional products with a focus on thyroid wellness. It provides well-balanced products made up of the highest quality ingredients in order to help improve the quality of life of thyroid patients and help them optimize thyroid health and overcome a sluggish metabolism. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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