In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle, BeautyBuddy’s has made a new addition to their line of products.

Beauty Buddy Microwave Cover
Beauty Buddy Microwave Cover

( — August 5, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — This new addition, the BeautyBuddy’s Yoga Socks, is a gear that people can use while doing yoga for sturdy positioning.

After releasing a yoga mat and yoga blocks, BeautyBuddy’s has again sought to support healthy lifestyle and has designed a pair of yoga socks which can be used for yoga and pilates. Though there are mixed views about wearing socks when doing yoga or pilates, this particular socks could prove to be acceptable.

Where people have expressed their confusion about wearing socks to sessions, yogis have advised them that if for some reason they decide to wear socks, they should ensure they have gripping material on the bottom. BeautyBuddys’ yoga socks are made with a non-slip grip on the bottom allowing students to relax during their various standing asanas.  Evidently, the company meticulously considered security as they designed the socks with elasticized cross straps for a cozy fit on the feet which also provide a stylish touch.

The company announced that these socks are made of stretchy cotton material providing softness and dryness, a completely comfortable fit.  According to BeautyBuddy’s, this stretchy fabric allows easy slip on and removal when on a tight schedule.   

Experts say that wearing socks during exercise sessions, including yoga can protect feet from germs and prevent the creation of callouses.  People who suffer from sweaty feet, especially, are easily drawn to socks such as these as they can absorb sweat and can thus prevent embarrassing smelliness that come with sweaty feet.

The BeautyBuddy’s Yoga Socks which are currently offered in one size which fits women of foot sizes ranging from 5 to 8.5 can be purchased exclusively on Amazon. As a bonus, by following the information on the product tag, customers can gain access to free yoga workout videos courtesy of BeautyBuddy’s.

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