BeautyBuddy’s has announced the release of a new uniquely designed water bottle exclusively on Amazon. The water bottle was officially made available on April 15, 2015.

Uniquely Designed Water Bottle Available To Online Shoppers
Uniquely Designed Water Bottle Available To Online Shoppers

( — August 4, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — BeautyBuddy’s a newly established US-based company, has now expanded its product line to include a water bottle that they say is useful for various purposes and occasions.  Upon its launch, the company announced that the bottles are safe for use and eco-friendly.

The company highlighted that the unique design of the water bottle makes carrying it around convenient and comfortable. The bottles feature a loop handle that allows users to hold and carry the water bottle with the crook of a finger. The loop handle makes it easy for busy on-the-go individuals to clip it to a carabiner and attach to the loops of trousers.  The company also assured that the bottles can fit comfortably in large knapsack bottle holders and in vehicles.

The water bottle which holds 24 ounces features a drinking valve that can be easily flipped open to reveal a sippy cover. This “Big Bite Valve” as it is called by BeautyBuddy’s, makes drinking from the water bottle easy for children to use without causing a mess since it reduces the amount of liquid flowing out at once.

According to BeautyBuddy’a, customers contribute to environment protection while saving money as their 24 ounce water bottle is reusable and free of harmful toxins, unlike regular plastic bottles that may not be biodegradable. They suggest that consumers can choose a cheaper, healthier route by taking their own beverage with them instead of constantly purchasing bottles of juice or water. This can be particularly beneficial to individuals going outdoors for extended periods during hot summer days.

According to BeautyBuddy’s, the water bottles can be shipped freely to customers once a purchase is made over $35. That means clients can order two or more water bottles and receive free shipping. They recommended that customers can keep one for traveling and another for going to work, taking on a morning jog or giving as a gift to a loved one.

The company currently offers a discount of up to 33% off the normal price for the water bottle, making the water bottles very competitive compared to other similar products on the market. 

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