Angela Jones, founder of Haute Resume & Career Services LLC, invalidates the idea of age discrimination during the hiring process.

( — June 16, 2016) Lincoln, Nebraska — Angela Jones is clearing up the misconception of age discrimination as a definite reason older job applicants don’t get hired by hiring managers. Angela is a certified professional resume writer and the founder of Haute Resume & Career Services LLC. The company has a team of professional resume writers that possess the technical skill and marketing ability to make job applicants stand out from their competition.

According to Angela, many frustrated job seekers mistakenly blame age discrimination for failing in their job search. However, it most likely has more to do with the lack of computer skills and a poorly written resume. More and more employers are requiring job applicants to submit their resumes online, and those who lack computer skills have a terrible disadvantage in finding work. Furthermore, companies are now using advanced applicant tracking system software (ATS) to screen resumes. Even the most qualified applicants could be overlooked if their resumes are not compatible with this technology.

Angela says that using a professional resume writer to draft a well-written resume can significantly increase an applicant’s chance of being considered for the job. In fact, she adds that a hiring manager doesn’t even know whether the applicant is 25 or 55 until they come in for an interview. To help job seekers increase their chances of being hired, Angela shares a few useful tips for writing a good resume.

Generally only the last 10 years of relevant work experience should be included in the resume. Companies usually do not care about outdated skills and experience, and an entire person’s work history will only unnecessarily lengthen the resume. Recent computer skills should be listed as well, and if you don’t have them, Angela suggests to take online courses so you can list them. 

Angela also states that high-impact LinkedIn and Facebook profiles can increase one’s chances of landing a job. This shows employers that the applicant is technically savvy. Angela says it would be wise for job seekers to include a link to their LinkedIn on their resume.

Another tip to consider is regarding the contact email address. Angela says the email address should be your own and not shared, e.g. The email address shouldn’t include the year of birth, e.g. AOL and Hotmail email accounts should not be used in general as they may disclose the person’s age.

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Angela Jones is a certified professional resume writer with a long and proven track record in the resume writing industry. In 2006, she founded Haute Resume & Career Services LLC to leverage her experience and expertise in helping highly skilled professionals get the job they want. The company has a team of professional resume writers handpicked by Angela herself, which will assist job seekers in writing an impressive resume. They boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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