Director of Medical Education for the Alabama Dermatology Association, Dr. Eric W. "Billy" Baum, MD MSc, has joined Dermatology Specialists of Alabama

Dermatology Specialists of Alabama

( — April 13, 2016) Gadsden, Alabama — Director of Medical Education for the Alabama Dermatology Association Partners with Healthcare Management Group. With 34 years in private practice, the Director of Medical Education for the Alabama Dermatology Association, Eric W. “Billy” Baum, MD, MSc, has joined Dermatology Specialists of Alabama. Dermatology Specialists of Alabama serves close to 50,000 patients in Huntsville, Auburn, Dothan, Enterprise and now, Gadsden. The practice group is operated by healthcare management company, Dermatology Solutions Group, LLC.

The job of managing healthcare regulations shaped by the U.S. government is becoming larger and more complex, leaving physicians with greater administrative responsibilities. With this move, Dr. Baum becomes part of a growing trend as more physicians partner with firms that can free them from the business office and restore their time spent in the exam room. Dermatology Solutions Group employs more than 200 people and currently has dermatologists in 22 cities, providing the physician with operations management support, growth resources, billing and revenue cycle services, clinical staff, medical technology and patient liaisons.

Baum shared, “It now takes more time, more staff and more money to accomplish the administrative work needed to stay abreast of shifting government mandates, wade through new volumes of disease code classifications and apply for government and insurance reimbursements. If you are a physician in private practice, these demands have begun to overtake the reason you became a doctor. My desire is to spend more time caring for my patients, and less time working through the red tape. I believe solo practitioners will become extinct in the near future.”

Chris Brooks, CEO of Dermatology Solutions Group, says, “We are very happy to have Dr. Baum join our team. He is an outstanding physician and is well respected across our specialty. Our company is physician-owned, so we understand the challenges that are facing Dr. Baum and other specialists today. Our primary purpose is to help them successfully meet and manage the intricacies of the healthcare business, providing them with the time, technology, and tools needed to best care for their patients. Our physicians come in to practice medicine, and we take care of the rest. It’s a model that results in better, more effective care, and a more efficient bottom line, as well.”

Dermatology Specialists of Alabama

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