Building on the success of their premium 5 port USB hub charger, Ezisoul has launched a new electronic charger on Amazon.

USB Hub Charger
USB Hub Charger

( — September 26, 2015) Beaverton, OR — The product is a 6 port USB hub charger and comes with similar capabilities, along with a bonus 3-way cable.

With 6 ports, shoppers can now charge six devices all at once while receiving the same benefits as with the 5 port charger. It is suitable for Apple and Android mobile devices and can be used at both homes and offices. Families with many gadgets but not enough electrical outlets will be able to benefit from its powerful output, which is 60 watts and 12 amps.

Similar to the 5 port charger, the new USB hub charger has been engineered with the latest intelligent Auto-Detect technology. This allows the 6 port charger to measure the power needs of devices that are plugged into it and then automatically deliver the required amount. As such, any device can be plugged into any port with no negative repercussions while receiving a fast, efficient charge.

In addition to its charging capabilities, the new USB hub charger with intelligent Auto-Detecttechnologycomes with a number of safety features. They include built in short circuit protection, along with over current, over voltage and over temperature protection. It also has an auto recovery function for added safety and enhanced durability of the device.

Hundreds of shoppers who used Ezisoul’s USB hub chargers have expressed satisfaction with their ability to provide a fast and efficient charge to any device plugged into them. “I use this to charge my iPad, iPhone6, Serfa Thunderbolt Cycle Lights, and PNY Batteries. It charges very fast and does not develop heat. The intelligent charge feature actually works. I just ordered a second one,” said Chuck, a verified Amazon reviewer.

The new 6 port USB hub charger from Ezisoul is currently available on Amazon at a limited-time discounted price. All purchases are backed by a 24-month warranty.


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