One of the hottest summer dates, tickets to the Flight of the Conchords Tour are in hot demand on Ticket Jackpot.

Flight of the Conchords
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( — June 13, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — One of the most long-awaited events of the event calendar is finally here, and fans of Flight of the Conchords are eagerly searching for tickets to their summer tour. Ticket Jackpot, the Las Vegas, Nevada-based ticket reselling firm, has many of these hard-to-obtain tickets for tour stops in the United States and Canada. Fans of the New Zealand comedy musician group have had difficulties securing tickets through other sources, according to the company. “We are able to leverage our network of industry contacts to get tickets to hot events throughout the year,” says Matthew Berry, a spokesperson for the ticket reseller. “Flight of the Conchords tickets are in extra demand, so the time is right to purchase them now before they sell out.” To learn more about ticket availability, visit

Flight of the Conchords rose to fame when they were featured on a BBC radio series and later a two-season series on the American HBO channel. Composed of musicians-slash-comedians Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie — who met in college in Wellington, New Zealand — the duo enjoys a robust cult following around the world. Naturally, when the pair announced a summer tour at venues throughout the United States and into Vancouver, British Columbia, fans went wild. Ticket demand skyrocketed overnight, but the team at Ticket Jackpot was ready. “We had a good supply of tickets available for purchase,” adds Matthew. “That supply is dwindling as the concert dates approach.”

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