In Hilarious New Video, Father and Son Dentists Argue the Finer Points of Cavity Season. Is Halloween a Massive Sugar-Conspiracy Designed by The American Dental Industry?

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( — October 27, 2015) Salt Lake City, UT — Dr. Joseph Mirci’s (D.D.S., M.A.G.D.) team is passionate about creating customized, comfortable, treatment plans for each patient. Operating out of Salt Lake City’s historic Sugarhouse neighborhood, Mirci Dental specializes in providing total, lifelong care for Utah families. The Mirci Dental team recognizes that oral health is more important than simple maintenance. “Patients mean more to us than just another day on the job,” says Dr. Mirci, and his entire team works to apply this truth to everything they do. Mirci Dental was recently awarded the KSL News High 5 Friday Award, an accolade that highlights the team’s commitment to serving both its patients, and the greater Utah community. 

With the holiday season right around the corner, Dr. Mirci and his son, Dan (D.M.D.), wanted to offer the community yet another service, permission to indulge. Dan Mirci claims in his new video, “The more sugar the better…we want everyone to have a nice over-load.” These are doctor’s orders should be easy to abide, and they’re just in time for the Halloween weekend. Joseph, however excited he may be about the costumes, cobwebs and candy corn, still thinks that it’s always important to “make sure your kids are brushing their teeth,” and that his son Dan’s laissez-faire attitudes are all part of a “candy conspiracy”. 

Generational disagreements aside, it’s clear that Mirci Dental is any Utah family’s best option for treating those early November cavities and loose crowns. Mirci Dental is located in the heart of Sugarhouse at 2090 East and 2100 South, and their exceptional staff is available by appointment Monday through Friday. 

Before Halloween make sure to swing by and grab an extra toothbrush from the dentists where,

“EVERY visit feels like meeting old friends.”

– Larry Pisto, November 18th, 2014.

And remember, “Halloween’s all about the candy! Watch Dentists Make Sweet-Talk 

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