Freeman Spine and Pain Institute discusses ways people can reduce chronic back pain with a variety of methods.

Freeman Spine and Pain Institute
Reducing back pain can lead to healthier living.

( — May 26, 2016) Union, New Jersey — Chronic back pain afflicts millions of people all over the world, and can lead to reduced mobility and quality of life issues.  The expert medical staff at Freeman Spine and Pain Institute in New Jersey understands that back pain is a troublesome condition, and that patients have many methods available to help reduce pain occurring in the spine and lower back. “Not every patient needs surgical intervention to reduce back pain,” say Dr. Eric Freeman, founder of the Institute and its four New Jersey-area clinics. “There are a number of simple ways that people can reduce or even eliminate back pain, leading to an improved outlook.” The Institute specializes in helping patients with interventional pain management procedures, but also spends time instructing patients on healthy, low-effort methods to improve their outcomes. To learn more about the clinic and their range of patient care services, visit

One of the leading contributors to chronic back pain is a lack of quality sleep.  Sleeping on one’s side on a firm mattress can help alleviate pain symptoms effectively.  Another is excess weight, which causes the body’s muscles to work harder and contributes to pain in the lower back and joints. Shedding weight by dieting and exercise can reduce or even eliminate pain that may otherwise be treated with medication or surgical procedures. Exercise programs also encourage strengthening of the core muscles that support the body.  Exercise doesn’t have to be intense; rather, gentle workouts provide benefits without the risk of injury. Bodywork procedures such as those that improve posture, coordination, and flexibility have also been shown to help back pain sufferers find relief.  Finally, the application of heat and cold can reduce pain and spasms in the back by curtailing inflammation.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute is located in New Jersey, with clinics in Union, Edison, Newark, and Clifton.  The skilled staff focuses on providing patients with comprehensive care plans and offer a wide variety of procedures, including endoscopic discectomy, intradiscal electrothermic therapy (IDET), and epidural injections in the spine and facet joints.  Intercostal and stellate ganglion blocks are also effective procedures that have helped the clinic treat patients struggling with chronic pain.  For more information on the Institute, its locations, and its range of patient services, visit

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Freeman Spine and Pain Institute has helped thousands of patient’s lead healthier, happier lives. The Institute specializes in interventional pain management and non-operative orthopedic spine procedures. With four locations in New Jersey to serve patients, the Institute and its team of highly-trained medical professionals have become the leading provider of compassionate care for chronic back and spine sufferers.

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