Godiva’s Secret Wigs ran a contest on Facebook and gave away their signature Freedom Wig to one lucky winner.

Godiva's Secret Wigs gives away Freedom Wig.
Giving women confidence with their variety of wash & wear wigs.

(Newswire.net — May 9, 2016) Woodland Hills, California — Godiva’s Secret Wigs, a company specializing in wigs for hair loss, ran a contest on their Facebook page and gave away one Freedom Wig to the lucky winner. The “Win a Free Freedom Wig” contest, which ran from April 4-8, tasked contestants to share any of Godiva’s Secret Wigs’ posts. The more posts shared, the better chances a contestant had of winning.

A woman named Mindy was announced as the winner on April 8th. After finding out that she had won, Mindy wrote a long email to Godiva’s Secret Wigs expressing her gratitude. “I just can’t tell you what a blessing winning your Freedom wig is,” writes Mindy.

Mindy had been contemplating having weight loss surgery but was being held back by the fact that hair loss was one of the side effects. Due to thyroid issues, Mindy’s hair is already very thin. The possibility of her going bald terrified her, prompting her to go online and look for information about wigs.

According to Mindy, she went to YouTube and watched a few videos, but many of them looked fake and she knew she would not feel comfortable wearing them. Fortunately for her, she came across the video of Godiva’s Secret Wigs’ 15 most popular wigs. When seeing that the wigs looked real, she finally got the courage to have her weight loss surgery.

When Mindy saw Godiva’s Secret Wigs’ post on Facebook regarding the contest, she started sharing as many posts as she could. Thinking she hadn’t won, Mindy and her husband instead came up with a plan on how to save up for a wig. Then Mindy got a notification saying that she had won. “I totally believe that God knew how much I needed this!! Y’all are such a blessing!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Mindy also suggested that the company reach out to Bariatric groups on Facebook, since many women post there about the sadness of thinning hair. She said one girl in a group she’s in was very scared about losing her hair, so Mindy commented to her and sent a link to Godiva’s YouTube videos and webpage, www.godivassecretwigs.com.

About Godiva’s Secret Wigs

Godiva’s Secret Wigs is a family-owned company in California that specializes in the creation and marketing of natural-looking synthetic modern wigs. While the company’s original purpose was to create wigs for hair loss, they have already expanded to create products for wigs enthusiasts who want to use them for aesthetic purposes. The company was founded in 1997.

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