Dr. Luis Murrian, MD, DO of GYFT Clinic, discusses a recent report that shows increases in the safety and effectiveness of IVF procedures.

GYFT Clinic procedures are safe and effective.
GYFT Clinic procedures are safe and effective.

(Newswire.net — April 18, 2016) Bellevue, Washington — As in vitro fertilization (IVF) and related reproductive medical techniques continue to mature, the talented staff at GYFT Clinic (www.gyftclinic.com) in Washington knows that these procedures can have positive, life-changing effects for patients. Dr. Luis A. Murrain, Jr., MD, DO, of the clinic recently discussed a bulletin published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). In the bulletin, studies conducted by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) reported that current data on IVF and similar procedures demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of those medical techniques. “The group recorded procedures that were conducted in 2014,” says Dr. Murrain. “Technical refinements in the procedures have improved the percentage of successful infant deliveries.” To learn more about the IVF procedure as conducted by Washington’s only board-certified reproductive genetic specialist, visit http://gyftclinic.com/fertility-101/ivf/.

The ASRM bulletin, Volume 18, Number 20, goes on to talk about some of the advancements in using IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques. Procedures such as cryopreservation, genetic testing, and single embryo transfer have improved patient outcomes dramatically. The data collected by SART will appear in improved reporting tools, which will help both medical providers and patients have a clearer understanding of expectations following these procedures.

By following each patient’s unique cycle, particularly in single embryo transfers, physicians continue to improve the personalized attention in fertility care, something GYFT Clinic excels in. The clinic offers a full range of specialized services to patients in the Tacoma and Bellevue areas and surrounding communities. These services include genetic counseling and testing, ovulation induction, fertility preservation, and many more. The highly-skilled staff at the clinic are ready and able to explore fertility treatment options with their patients in a discreet, caring, and professional environment that far exceeds the capabilities of corporate fertility treatment centers. “We pride ourselves on offering a broad spectrum of personalized fertility treatments in an affordable manner,” adds Dr. Murrain. For a look at the services offered by the clinic, visit their website at www.gyftclinic.com.

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