Homeowners with home automation find it useful and surprisingly affordable. The key to effective automation requires a proper assessment of your family’s habits and priorities.

Home Automation

(Newswire.net — June 15, 2016) — When it comes to home automation, most of us think about science fiction movies like “iRobot” and “The 5th Element.” But the future is now, and homeowners who install home automation find it useful and surprisingly affordable.

The key to effective automation of your home requires a proper assessment of your family’s habits and priorities, and then a wise investment. Here are the most popular automation tools that are sure to be standard within the next few years and why you should consider integrating them into your home now.

Surveillance Cameras

While home security surveillance companies have offered closed-circuit camera surveillance for years, the question remains: Who is watching the footage? If the footage isn’t recorded then, even after a robbery, the cameras are useless. And who can afford to pay for 24-hour monitoring?

That’s why the new generation of security cameras are so exciting. The emergence of smartphones totally changed the security camera game. Now you can watch everything going on at home via your cellphone. Most come with motion detection, email alerts and a DVR to record incidences, all for around $200 (some as low as $100).

Lock It Up

We’ve all locked ourselves out, or needed to let a guest or neighbor into the house when no one is home. The old “spare key under the mat” approach just doesn’t provide the level of safety most of us require. The new generation of high-tech deadbolts are changing the way we look at locks forever. From pass codes to fobs, your keychain is slowly becoming obsolete. Check out the Sense by Schlage; it’s under $250, easy to install and you can unlock the door with your iPhone and only let in who you specify.

Turn Up the Heat

Thermostats are definitely one of the easiest decisions when it comes to automation because they pay for themselves quickly. Using a smart thermostat allows you to turn up the A/C while you’re away from home, and turn it back down automatically so it’s cool before your “key” hits your automatic lock. Models like the Nest or Ecobee3 save money on electricity bills, not to mention reducing the whole family’s carbon footprint.

Sprinkler System Superstar

The Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller is another gadget that will not only make your life easier, but can also save you money and the planet. It keeps an eye on the weather report for you and keeps the sprinklers from wasting water on your lawn when it’s raining. It can also tell you your year-to-date water usage, as well as daily and monthly usage. Enter your soil type for an even more accurate watering plan that takes absorption in different types of soil into account for the healthiest, greenest lawn that uses as little water as possible.

Check out this article on Angie’s List for a more in-depth discussion of incorporating home automation into your house.

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