Orange County’s Tops Cannabis discusses the national increase of Americans 55 and older using medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana dispensaries and weed delivery.
Older Americans are turning to medical cannabis.

( — May 16, 2016) Huntington Beach, California — Throughout the United States, Americans 55 and older are turning to medical marijuana in record numbers.  The Orange County marijuana delivery service, Tops Cannabis, has seen a sharp uptick in the number of patients they serve that fit this category. According to a recent CBS News profile, nearly 50 percent of older people live near states where medical cannabis is legal; their locality is influencing the numbers of older medical marijuana patients. Growing evidence also suggests that marijuana represents a safer pain-relieving alternative than traditional pharmaceuticals. “There has been a lot of media attention about prescription pill addiction and fatalities,” says the director of operations for the marijuana delivery service.  “Older patients are looking for alternatives that provide relief without the dangers associated with addictive painkillers.” For more information on the delivery service and their products, visit

As the rate of older patients increase, Tops has seen an increase in demand for their signature delivery service.  Unlike medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California, Tops and its team of highly-skilled delivery personnel offers patient discretion and convenience.  Marijuana can be delivered directly to patients’ homes or offices, eliminating trips to the dispensary. Above all, the Tops Cannabis marijuana delivery service offers a level of privacy that dispensaries simply cannot match. The delivery drivers are trained to help patients with in-home consultations as well; these consultations assist patients in selecting the right cannabis products for their specific health needs. After passing extensive background checks, the delivery teams receive extensive training on industry best practices, which serve to prepare them for the unique demands their patients may have. The service is known for its outstanding customer service and massive product selection, giving patients the medicine they need with the personalized service they have come to appreciate. “Our patients know that they can trust in our service,” says the director.  “By providing them with the highest-quality medicine and private, at-home delivery, patients can find relief for a variety of health concerns.” To learn more about the private, convenient medical marijuana delivery that Tops provides, visit their website at

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As the leading medical marijuana delivery service in Orange County and surrounding communities in Southern California, Tops Cannabis provides patients with the highest-quality medicine and discreet home delivery. Patients can receive free consultations with the services’ expert team, and the company stocks a huge selection of Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, concentrates, and edibles. Medicine is delivered right to patients’ doors. The highly-trained delivery members can help patients determine the right products for their specific health needs.

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