Interventional Pain Management Center opened a new location in Houston, Texas, serving as a pain management facility as well as a surgical center.

New pain management clinic in Texas.
IPMC expands their pain management clinics to Texas.

( — May 26, 2016) Houston, Texas — The Interventional Pain Management Center (IPMC) recently announced the opening of a new location in Houston, Texas. The new center, located at 2105 Jackson Street in Houston, will serve as both a pain management treatment facility and as a surgical center for patients. The building was purchased from the Midtown Surgical Center, making it a smart investment for the company. “Our new location was already equipped for surgical procedures,” says a company spokesperson. “Adding our staff and our innovative pain management treatment plans to the facility was a quick process.” For more information on IPMC locations, visit

IPMC’s practice has its home in the New York and New Jersey areas, so the Houston expansion of the practice is a big step for the organization. The new Texas facility will be operated by two primary physicians, Dr. Amit Poonia, MD, and Dr. Adity Sharma, MD.  Dr. Poonia is the medical director of the organization and is board-certified in interventional pain management. He is also a certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Sharma is an internist with several years of experience in treating chronic pain conditions. “Expansion to the Houston metropolitan area is a great move for our organization,” says Dr. Poonia. “We will be able to provide innovative treatments and our complete lineup of services to patients in that city.”

The Interventional Pain Management Center has helped patients for many years with a variety of painful medical conditions. Herniated discs and facet joint syndrome are two of the most common conditions the Center treats. Patients struggling with chronic pain from osteoarthritis, lumbar radiculopathy, and other conditions can also find treatment options at IPMC. The physicians and physician assistants on staff at the Center’s twelve locations in New York, New Jersey, and Texas provide cutting-edge interventional pain management options, including epidural injections. Surgical procedures are part of the Houston location’s services, and these include endoscopic discectomy to remove herniated disc material from pressing on the spinal cord as well as cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy, sometimes called Radiofrequency Ablation. This procedure uses radio waves to create an electrical current, delivering heat to the affected nerve tissues in the spine or joints and curtailing transmission of pain signals. Effective treatment options and the care of board-certified staff are what have made the IPMC such a success in the New York area. To learn more about the Center and its staff, visit

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Interventional Pain Management Center (IPMC) is dedicated to providing its patients with cutting edge pain management treatments to change lives for the better. The Center’s board-certified physicians have decades of experience in evaluating and treating chronic pain conditions. The IPMC relieves symptoms, corrects the underlying causes of pain, and offers patients a chance to live healthier, pain-free lives.

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