Jarek Moleda launches medical device consulting company. He is an international business entrepreneur with the sales and marketing of medical devices.

Jarek Moleda has a proven track record of developing strategic objectives.
Consulting is the newest trend in the new digital frontier.

(Newswire.net — June 4, 2016) Atlanta, GA –Jarek Moleda has just launched his own medical device consulting company after 15 years of working in the medical device industry. The firm aims to help businesses develop and launch their new medical device products successfully by providing them with efficient development strategies.

An experienced international business professional with an Executive MBA in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jarek has a proven track record in product development as well as in the successful market launch of products to ensure double-digit growth of profits at high profit margin. he gained his exceptional knowledge and skills from working top ranks at two leading medical device companies in the world.

Up until early this year, Moleda was the CEO as well as the Director of Sales & Marketing at HTL-STREFA, Inc.—a position he held for over 9 years. HTL-STREFA, Inc. is a world leader in the medical device industry and has been developing, manufacturing and selling a variety of medical products for over two decades. Jarek proved his incredible marketing skills at this company by generating high volume sales of their products through OEM contracts with international corporations headquartered in the United States.

Jarek was also the Director of Sales & Marketing at HTL Group for six years. There, he expanded OEM relations with global healthcare corporations and built a solid sales network for HTL branded products in AlternateCare, AcuteCare and HomeCare market segments.

An effective and result-oriented leader, Jarek has the ability to create vision, develop efficient strategies and motivate others to accomplish ambitious goals as well as multiply shareholder value. He has the talent to discover new business opportunities for OEM and Private Label medical device products and build long-term relationships with leading national and global corporations, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Jarek’s medical product consulting firm will offer a complete go-to-market strategy to businesses and identify their potential business partners. Not only will they assist in the first contact and negotiations, they will also guide businesses in marketing materials development and support them in operations and registrations or regulatory activities.

Furthermore, the firm will enhance companies’ design and innovation processes by applying best practices and a modern approach to development and product management.

He can also help companies by providing training and coaching in strategic sales and marketing and business development. He will train, mentor and coach the organization in several areas, including strategic selling, prospecting, negotiations, strategic marketing, global product management, presentations, organizational behavior, motivating, leadership and smart managing.

About Jarek Moleda

Jarek Moleda is an exceptionally skilled international business professional with over 15 years of experience in the sales and marketing of medical devices. He has an Executive MBA in Global Business, which he earned from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His proven track record at his previous companies as well as his vast knowledge and skills in product development and market launch have allowed him to start his very own medical product consulting company.

Jarek Moleda

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