Jenaluca has recently announced the release of their new product; the Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors, on the number one shopping portal Amazon.

Herb Scissors From Jenaluca
Herb Scissors From Jenaluca

( — August 14, 2015) Purcellville, VA — Jenaluca has mentioned that their recently released new-age kitchen utensil was designed for cutting herbs and spices among other things. They stated that the herb scissors has five blades that help to chop herbs and spices evenly.

According to Jenaluca, users can garnish their meals with freshly chopped herbs just as if they are at a restaurant. These cut herbs, the company mentioned, should come out in perfectly sized pieces fit for giving the finishing touch to a chef quality meal.

Upon its release, Jenaluca pointed out that the Herb Scissors are great for cutting herbs taken directly from one’s herb garden. They suggested that people who have their own vegetable garden can simply snip their herbs with their elegantly designed kitchen shear to be placed directly onto dinner plates, or for adding flavor to meal being prepared.

The company mentioned that the multiple purpose kitchen shear is useful for chopping herbs and spices such as basil, dill, parsley, rosemary, chives, mint and cilantro and are tough enough to handle other vegetables such as onions and mushrooms. In addition, they assured that the kitchen tool can successfully cut and chop dried meat and dried fruit with ease.

According to Jenaluca, the herb scissors can produce professional results with minimal hassle.  They pointed out that one snip with the five balanced blades gives the equal result of ten (10) knife chops.

Apart from use in food preparation and to chop herbs and other food items, Jenaluca announced that the kitchen shear is also useful for art and craft projects. According to the company, it is efficient at chopping and shredding fabric and paper for those exciting school and home projects.

The Jenaluca herb scissors package comes with a neatly designed cover that doubles as a cleaning comb. With this cover, users can swipe the comb over the ends of the blades to remove clinging herbs from the blades of the scissors. They can also clean the scissors by rinsing in soap and water or using a dishwasher.

“Working with the herb scissors produces results ten times faster due to the well-designed blades, it’s easy to use and even easier to clean!” said a spokesperson at Jenaluca.

Presently, when customers buy three Jenaluca Herb Scissors they can get free shipping on their purchase. 

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The company provides superior kitchen utensils and accessories specially its multipurpose kitchen shear 5 blades and cover with cleaning comb herb scissors stainless steel. Jenaluce stands behind all its product with a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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