Dr. Theodore Henderson’s research refutes fear of negative side effects, saying low dosage ketamine infusions have dramatic positive effects in patients

Ketamine infusion
Psychiatrist Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD administers a low-dose ketamine infusion to relieve symptoms of depression. His recent research showing ketamine's positive side effects at the molecular level has garnered worldwide attention.

(Newswire.net — June 7, 2016) Centennial, CO — Referred to as “Special K” when sold illegally in high doses on the street, recent news about low dosage ketamine infusions relieving difficult depression has spread worldwide. Spearheading the research is Denver-based Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD, a prominent psychiatrist and neuroscientist. In the last few months, his work has been viewed by doctors, prospective patients and other researchers from around the globe, including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, India, China and Australia, among others countries.

Hundreds of media outlets have reported about the research in the last few months, including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Psychology Today, Psychiatry Advisor (and companion Neurology Advisor), New York Magazine among others. More than 15,000 other people from the media, social media and internet read this PRNewswire announcement that reached a “potential” audience of more than 89 million people. 

“For the millions people in America struggling with difficult, even dangerous, major depressive disorder, this is the silver lining in clouds,” said Dr. Henderson, co-founder of Neuro-Luminance, with ketamine infusion centers in Denver and Los Angeles.

Depression in the US*  

  • 8 million — Ambulatory care visits with major depressive disorder as primary diagnosis.
  • 6.5 days — Average length of stay at hospital for major depressive disorder, with an average cost for a 6.5 days is $37,000.
  • 41,149 — Number of suicide deaths
  • 13 suicide deaths per 100,000 population
  • 7.6% of all Americans over 12 years old, report having depression in any 2-week period. 

* Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Recent News — Ketamine Infusions 

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