The site has a wide variety of photos of popular jet and vintage propeller aircraft for purchase as well as military and classic airliners.

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( — May 3, 2016) Vancouver, BC — Henry Tenby, of Vancouver, BC Canada is pleased to announce that his boutique aviation photo website,, has successfully passed the 55,000 photo mark and is becoming a leading specialized aircraft photo mega-store, serving the aircraft image needs of both aviation  hobbyists and aviation professionals. The website allows aviation photographers to submit their images for sale to other enthusiasts and for professional media needs. According to Tenby, the service’s success can be attributed to two factors: the first is continuing to meet photographers’ needs to exhibiting their top quality aircraft photos, and the second is the business has invested in making sure that their website is well maintained and has a great user interface.

The website was mainly designed to offer airline photographers a space where they can be properly remunerated for their aviation photographs. Although there are other websites online where they can submit aviation images, there is none yet that pays the photographer as well as Tenby explained to us: “The advantage that we offer our photographers is obvious. If one orders a 4×6 print with us, for example, we charge $2 for every print while our competitors offer only 70 cents. We attract only the best airline photographers in the industry and we believe that we should pay them for their talent.” Not only does the website sell photographic images printed on photo paper, but digital images are also available for sale of all 55,000 aviation images in the database (for personal use and commercial use).

Joining the site is free and aviation pictures can be taken at any airport in the world. Some of the best selling photos are of vintage airliners such vintage Boeing 707s and DC-8, and classic propliners like the Lockheed Constellation, DC-6, DC-7, and many more. Users can search for images using different categories including airline manufacturer, aircraft model, country, airline, airport and even the name of the photographer. Users can register for free or they can choose to pay $5 a month for an upgraded service which allows them to earn a higher revenue share on image sales as well as other benefits, including front of line image review. All images are vetted before they appear live on the site to insure that all photos in the airlinefan database meet strict image quality standards.

We asked Tenby what plans are in store for the website in the future. He explained to us that they have been growing steadily in the last few years and they did not expect this to change. “As more and more users post images we are prepared to increase our capacity when it comes to storage. We want our users to have instant access so we will invest in making the website faster. And we will be adding new image related products to our sales offering including mouse pads, t-shirts, calanders and more exciting things I can’t talk about right now!”

Learn more at or customers can call Henry directly on 604-737-9996.


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