Marcus Hiles, a real estate tycoon and venture capitalist, donates land for recreational parks. He is the CEO of Western Rim Property Services.

Funding for urban parks is contingent upon venture capital funding.
Recreational establishments are appreciating in value over the last few decades.

( — June 1, 2016) Grand Prairie, TX –Real estate entrepreneur and investor Marcus Hiles has just donated 59 acres of land for Texas community parks. Marcus, a developer of residential communities in Dallas, knew how much the area needed natural recreation spaces.

A healthy environment abundant with plants, trees and wildlife is necessary for a healthy life and provides individuals and families a space for relaxation. Urban parks improve the general health and well-being of the people living nearby and also help strengthen American cities. According to the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC), there is a positive correlation between access to parks and likelihood of citizens choosing to exercise. The existence of open recreational spaces in the community encourages citizens to involve in physical activity, fellowship and other fun activities. And thanks to the generous efforts of people and businesses, such as Hiles, environmental recreational spots are able to thrive.

Hiles regularly gives back to the community, and as someone devoted to environmentally friendly efforts, he knows how important public spaces are for leisure and enjoyment of nature. He has helped transform several Texas cities with his sincere efforts. Hiles is inspired to develop clean, safe and beautiful places to live, and these environmental community parks are an important part of his vision. He understands that neighborhoods surrounded by vegetation and wildlife are healthier, more prosperous, friendlier and more inviting.

Urban wilderness has plenty of benefits to offer to the community. Parks are a great investment in the growth of neighborhoods and enhance the local ecosystem in many ways. They create oxygen and remove toxins from the air, making the surrounding air cleaner and fresher. According to American Forests, an organization that studies municipal forests as well as the negative effects of declining natural areas in cities, two trees make enough oxygen for a single individual and can absorb as much as twenty pounds of air pollution annually. Trees retain ground and rain water as well, preventing flooding when it rains.

Urban parks also provide shade, which cools down the nearby areas and reduces heat retention. Communities with ample canopy coverage have lower air-conditioning requirements and are able to save more on utility bills. Cars that are placed in the shade also stay fifty degrees cooler than those parked in the sun.

Hiles strongly believes that natural spaces should be created and maintained through people’s strong intervention and assistance, which is why he makes huge contributions towards this cause.

About Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is a real estate entrepreneur and investor. He is the chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and develops residential communities in the Dallas area. His company is a well-recognized business and was named the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 National Resident Satisfaction Award Winner by Satisfacts. He gives back to the community by supporting a variety of causes and programs.

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