Nature’s Choice Supplements, a supplier of high quality supplements, discusses the health benefits of graviola.

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( — June 7, 2016) Huntington Beach, Calofornia — Nature’s Choice Supplements is highlighting the many benefits that graviola can offer. It is a rainforest plant found in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. For centuries, the plant has been used for its medicinal properties, which are scattered throughout its different parts. The benefits of graviola have been made easily accessible by Nature’s Choice Supplements with their product Graviola Soursop Extract. The dietary supplement contains 100% pure graviola stem and leaf ground to a fine powder.

Nature’s Choice is a reliable producer and supplier of quality supplements that are all tested and verified in the United States. Using his vast experience in the field, the company owner develops the formulas for the products himself and hires independent laboratories to test them for potency and purity to ensure quality. Many people do not consume adequate nutrients necessary for a healthy body, which is why the company develops products that will provide them with the proper nutrients in sufficient amounts.

Although graviola has been used for hundreds of years as a traditional medicine, scientists did not start studying the legitimacy of its uses until the 1940s. During a screening program by the NCI in 1976, the plant showed promise for battling against more serious conditions. Scientists isolated phytochemicals in the plant that have been documented to support the healthy growth and function of cells.

According to a report published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2010, the ethanol extract from graviola leaves is an active source of substances with anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology shows that extracts from the leaves of graviola contain three alkaloids that possess anti-depressive effects.

Graviola leaves are sometimes made into soothing medicinal tea as well. Research has found that graviola tea has been used as a hypotensive or remedy for high blood pressure. Graviola leaf tea is also used as a liver remedy in Brazil; asthma, flu and coughs treatment in the West Indies; and heart tonic in Guyana. Furthermore, the tea is used for rheumatism and arthritis, and is used by some mothers to increase lactation. In the Andean mountain ranges of Peru, the leaves are brewed to soothe inflamed mucous membranes and to help discharge mucus. Graviola leaves are also used to stabilize blood sugar in the east Amazon region.

All of these benefits are offered by Nature’s Choice Supplements ( Graviola Soursop Extract, which is predominantly made from the leaves of the graviola plant.

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Nature’s Choice Supplements is a professional producer and supplier of high quality supplements across the United States. The company owner, develops the formulas for the products himself, which are then tested and verified by independent laboratories to make sure they are of top quality.

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