Caren’s Organizers, a newly established US-based company, has released a new office organizer drawer set designed to help decrease clutter in the office space, and thus improve productivity.

New Office Organizer Drawers Uses Office Drawer Space Efficiently
New Office Organizer Drawers Uses Office Drawer Space Efficiently

( — August 5, 2015) Sanford, FL — A new set of office organizer drawers provided by Caren’s Organizers has been made available for quick and easy access to online shoppers. The set features five pieces of oblong and square shaped organizers that can be mixed and match in any order of preference in office drawers.

As was reiterated in an article on organizing desk drawers by Apartment Therapy, when things begin to pile up in drawers that should be the cue to start micro-organizing in order to keep things separate and accessible.  Having things accessible reduces time spent searching through clutter to find what is needed. Caren’s Organizers helps to address this with their creation of office drawer organizers.

The set of five detachable organizers allows users not only to arrange the drawer according to their preference but also gives them the option to separate the pieces and use them in various drawers at once. Should they get dirty, the organizers can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.                                                                             

“I always hated having to take out everything from my drawer and searching all the way to the back whenever I needed anything, not only was it a waste of time but it also looks unprofessional when a customer is in and see me digging and searching for stuff,” said Kemar H in his Amazon review.

The white rubber-coated office organizer and drawers stand out among regular organizers in its class as it comes in varying sizes which allow grouping and storage of large and small items in separate compartments. Additionally, the rubber coating keeps the organizers in place when opening and closing office drawers to allow stored items to stay steadily in place. This makes it ideal for office stationery including paper clips, scissors, staplers, elastic bands, and stamp seals. Caren’s Organizers highlighted that their set of office organizer drawers can also be used outside of the office to keep other drawers such as those in a kitchen and garage clutter-free.

This five-piece drawer organizer set measures 11.9 x 8.8 x 2.5 inches and can be purchased as one unit or two on the world’s online selling giant, Amazon.

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