A look at Canadian Boating in light of NMMA’s release of Canadian Boating Statistics for 2014. Predictions for 2015 Indicate a Steady Growth

Boating in Canada
Boating Growth in Canada - Royalty free photo from Pixabay

(Newswire.net — June 4, 2015) — Each year the National Marine Manufacturers Association, NMMA, releases statistics from the previous year in terms of recreational boating as enjoyed by Canadians and as a vital part of the Canadian economy. Never has it been as apparent as it is this year just how passionate Canadians are about boating and why there are so many licensed boaters in the country.


This year the report was released at the Toronto Boat Show in January, entitled Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract. Even if you were aware of just how well-loved boating was in Canada, some of these statistics are overwhelming. Here is a highlight of what NMMA found for the 2014 calendar year.

Statistical Analysis of Boaters in Canada

When trying to determine just how popular a sport or recreational activity is, it is always stated in terms of a percentage of the total population. This is true of recreational boating in Canada, but what is so amazing is that of those adults over the age of 18, an astounding 46% participated to some extent in boating in the 2014 calendar year.  Here are a few other highlights from the NMMA statistical report:

  • Post-secondary education – 71% of recreational boaters have some amount whereas only 64% of those who don’t enjoy boating had some degree of post-secondary education.
  • Employment status – 53.3% of those who don’t enjoy recreational boating are employed whilst 68.7% of recreational boaters are gainfully employed.
  • Children living in the home – 51% of non-boaters have children living in the home but 59% of boaters have children in the home.
  • Income – Income of less than $100,000 was reported by 63.7% of recreational boaters in Canada.

No value judgements were made on these facts and figures, they are for statistical analysis only and released with the intent of indicating just how popular boating is in Canada.

Canada’s Export Statistics

As of January when the boat show was held in Toronto, the previous year’s statistical export data had yet to be collected. The NMMA report did list the significance of the boating industry in Canada which stated that in 2013 Canada realised $419.7 million from exports and the growth factor was at 3.3%. Imports were higher up 6.5% from the previous year. The only type of boat that didn’t decline in exports during 2013 were classified as ‘other’ and ‘inboard.’

Financial Data for 2014

For the fiscal year 2014, the Canadian boating industry brought in a whopping $2 billion in combined new boat and new boat engine sales while the total of all previously owned boats and boat engines totalled less than $1 billion at right around $985 million. From those figures, it is easy to conclude that recreational boating revenue plays a significant role in the Canadian economy. Used boat sales were up in Saskatchewan and Alberta but were down in all other provinces.

It is still too early in the year to make a prediction for 2015, but based on the steady growth of the industry, this is one recreational activity that will certainly continue growing financially as well as in popularity.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00088972-nmma-releases-canadian-boating-statistics-for-2014.html