SalesPositive unveils an innovative contract-free CRM software product that is designed to improve the efficiency of sales and customer management.

( — June 17, 2016) Jupiter, Florida — In a highly competitive marketplace, developing customer relationship management (CRM) software that brings new features to the table can be a difficult process.  SalesPositive has done just that, offering a CRM software platform that is as innovative as it is intuitive to use. Although the company behind the product is new, the team has over 15 years of professional-level experience in software development. Two major features of the software product help it stand out from others products in the CRM market.  First, the sales automation software and dialer is free of contracts, a feature that is rare in the industry. Secondly, the software provides powerful automation and management tools to end users, improving core functionality for users at the home office or traveling for work. “We believe in the quality of our product,” says a company spokesperson.  “Our customers stay with us because of the value we’ve built into our system, not because they are locked into contracts.” To learn more about the revolutionary CRM software platform and plans, visit

The development company created SalesPositive for the purpose of helping users achieve the next levels of sales volume and employee efficiency.  The software incorporates automation tools such as those designed to increase call volumes and resultant sales.  The automated dialer feature can be used for traditional phone sales calls as well as email campaigns, adding flexibility to the platform. Routine office tasks are further automated, freeing up valuable sales employee time that is better used on interacting with customers. Powerful analysis tools can record calls, track tasks, and capture statistics, helping sales management teams keep better tabs on their staff and improve processes with the information collected. 

One of the most innovative features of the CRM software is that it can be used with a customer’s existing CRM platform if desired, integrating seamlessly with established software systems like Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce. Or, if preferred, the cloud-based software can stand alone, performing valuable automation tasks and improving revenue streams in the process. Users can choose which features they need from three plans, adding increased flexibility and paying for only the tools they need to boost sales volume. “We spent a lot of time and effort into developing our product,” adds the spokesperson. “With the sales automation tools and call dialer features, companies will see a streamlined sales process that grows revenue without the headaches of traditional CRM platforms.” For more information on the company, visit

About SalesPositive, LLC

SalesPositive is an innovative CRM software platform that allows customers to grow their revenue, increase call volume, improve efficiency, and better manage employees. The platform incorporates specialized automation and management tools to maximize the sales of companies using the software. It can be added to augment existing CRM or can be used as a stand-alone product, bringing companies to the next level in sales volume and efficiency.

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