Christina Victoria Grimmie, winner of "The Voice", died in hospital after she was shot during an after-show autograph signing at The Plaza Live in Orlando.

Christina Grimmie and the killer Kevin James, photo: YouTube
Christina Grimmie and killer Kevin James, photo: YouTube Loibl

( — June 12, 2016) —Christina Victoria Grimmie, who made her name on NBC’s “The Voice”, was killed after a concert in Orlando, while signing autographs for fans.

Orlando police have identified the singer’s killer as 27 year-old Kevin James Loibl of St. Petersburg, Florida, also dead after fatally shooting himself. Police have not released any background information on Loibl or offered a possible motive as there is no evidence as of yet that Grimmie and the attacker knew each other.

Kevin James Loibl had two handguns, two additional loaded magazines and a large hunting knife, and shot the singer around 22:45pm local time.

Christina was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition, but died soon afterwards. The attacker fatally shot himself after the singer’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him. There was about 120 people at the meet-and-greet, and the brother’s quick actions may have saved other lives, police have said.

According to Reuters, police believe that the suspect arrived in Orlando, Florida, late Friday to execute the attack.

John W. Mina, City of Orlando Chief of Police said that the attacker, Kevin James Loibl, had no criminal file and there is no indication that he didn’t knew the singer.

Its not clear how he got the weapons into The Plaza Live in Orlando, or whether attendees are checked for weapons but there are no metal detectors and the security guards are unarmed.

The singer, Kristina Grimi, 22, was a former participant on NBC’s “The Voice”. She won third place in 2014 on season six of the show. The news of the singer’s attack quickly spread on social media, with many of her fans expressing shock and anger.

CNN affiliate WFTS photographed a handwritten note posted on Loibl’s family home. “Deepest sorrow for lost (sic) to the family, friends and fans of the very talented, loving Christina Grimmie. No other comments.”

“Christina was more than my sister. She was a partner in life,” posted Marcus Grimmie, “A superstar. A goofball. Introverted. And a friend to everyone. Genuinely. But above all…she was my baby sister.”

The Plaza Live issued a statement of condolences to the victims. Officials from The Plaza said in the statement the their thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost as well as those that witnessed and aided in the recovery after this senseless act.