Timothy P. McKenna, Green Valley resident, cites benefits of assisted senior homes and the affects on the external environment.

Several positive outcomes are contingent upon senior living establishments.
Senior home establishments offer countless benefits and advantages.

(Newswire.net — May 31, 2016) Green Valley, Arizona –Timothy P. McKenna cites several benefits that assisted living has to offer to the elderly. Timothy is the former owner of a senior nursing home residence located in Green Valley, AZ, called Saguaro Acres. He successfully ran the facility for over 10 years. 

These retirement facilities provide an ideal housing arrangement for the elderly. According to a recent survey conducted in 2013, over 90% of residents of these establishments reported experiencing a high quality of life and level of care as well as a sense of security. Residents live in a rented room and oftentimes share living spaces, such as a dining room. In some aided-care homes, residents may have their own kitchen. For more information about senior homes, please view this interactive blog site.

Senior homes are extremely beneficial to the elderly due to the services they offer. Typically, the elderly themselves choose to live at an assisted living facility when they decide they can no longer do their daily activities with ease. The helpful staff assists residents in their most basic tasks, including bathing and getting dressed, as well as in more complicated activities, such as shopping and communicating with their loved ones. The staff may also offer housekeeping, which can include doing the laundry and keeping the resident’s room and surroundings clean.

All of the everyday tasks that the elderly have trouble doing can be done by the group home’s staff. This provides residents with a higher quality of living and gives them more time to rest or do activities they prefer doing, improving their physical and emotional well-being according to Timothy.

Many senior living quarters come with a full kitchen. This allows the staff to make full course meals for residents, especially those who cannot prepare a meal by themselves. They may create a detailed nutrition plan for each resident to keep them healthyThe staff may offer nursing assistance as well, such as helping residents take their medications. The National Center for Assisted Living states that 87% of senior home residents need help with meal preparations while 81% require assistance with taking medication.

Assisted living facilities also offer recreational and social activities for their residents’ fun and enjoyment. These activities help residents improve their moods and boost their morale. They are, however, oftentimes determined by the residents themselves.

Even though these establishments house the elderly, they do provide their residents with adequate control and independence and allow them to make personal choices, as long as they are not harmful for them. Independence is a key aspect of this concept, and the comfort and privacy of the residents are always the top priority. For details and technical specifications about the author, please continue here.

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Timothy P. McKenna is the former owner of a senior nursing home residence in Green Valley, Arizona called Saguaro Acres. He successfully ran the facility for over 10 years. Timothy has worked in environmental sciences in the past.

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