Safe Harbor Treatment Center’s Velvet Mangan speaks at the April 2016 Forum for Innovative Treatment Solutions Conference (FITS) in Salt Lake City.

Safe Harbor's Velvet Mangan Speaks at FITS Conference
Safe Harbor's Velvet Mangan Speaks at FITS Conference

( — April 20, 2016) Costa Mesa, CA — Our very own Velvet Mangan from Safe Harbor Treatment Centers spoke on a panel at the 2016 Forum for Innovative Treatment Solutions Conference (FITS) in Salt Lake City. She expressed the importance of seeing past a person’s condition, and the healing power that can come from having compassion and empathy for strangers.

“Trauma is never fixed.” Said Mangan at the FITS forum. “There is no ‘done date,’ no graduation. I’ve been in recovery for 30 years. Just working away… and now in working with so many beautiful women I’ve realized that the only recovery for me is when I just accept me.”

Mangan created Safe Harbor to help women find peace and healing from the addictions, who need an encouraging environment to learn to regain control of their lives and support one another.

Mangan is a survivor. When she was 14, her dad died. Shortly after, her mom tried to commit suicide and was institutionalized. So Mangan became homeless and addicted. She writes, “I was illiterate and hungry and alone… I remember…  feeling like I had no other option but to take my life: The addiction and the depression were that powerful, and I could not see a way out.” In that critical moment a teacher intervened and brought Velvet to a group that accepted and helped her turn her life around. “I got sober and my life became better than my wildest dreams,” Mangan said.

In 1993, while serving on the board of directors of the Costa Mesa Alano Club, a Narcotics Anonymous recovery group, Mangan “saw an epidemic of girls that were being violated, and there was just nowhere for women to go that was affordable and safe. Sober-living homes didn’t exist for women. I knew that I had to do something; I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.” At 23 years old and through nothing short of miraculous, Mangan found a home to rent for the girls and the money to rent it, and “That was the beginning of Safe Harbor. And now Safe Harbor is one of the most respected women’s programs in the country.

The Innovative Treatment Solutions Conference is a forum created in 2014 that provides professionals who treat those who suffer from mental health and addiction a place to collaborate and replenish themselves. The mission of these conferences is to create a tone of sharing, teaching, personal growth, and education. The goal is that all participants walk away with more options, better services, and all of our treatment outcomes will improve for clients and patients.

“There is no separation from the healing,” stated Mangan at the conference. It’s an ongoing journey we need to be in together. For more on Velvet Mangan or Safe Harbor, see



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