Many communities have a detox center where addicts can spend a few days to safely come down off a substance, but then they turn the addict out onto the street.

Addiction and Recovery

( — June 15, 2016) — According to a recent article in USA Today, there are more deaths resulting from drug overdoses than from any other kind of injury, including automobile accidents. This is a particularly frightening statistic and one that many cities and states are doing little to correct. Per Wickstrom, of the Best Drug Rehab, weighs in on this subject and offers advice on how communities can offer the kinds of help needed to turn the problem around.

Few Government Resources in Many Areas of Country

Considering the fact that there are greater than 44,000 deaths attributed to overdoses each and every year and a number at least equal to that in deaths are directly related to substance abuse, it is, in Per’s words, “A travesty that mental health groups aren’t doing more to address the underlying reason for substance abuse.” Per believes that the reason why facilities such as the Best Drug Rehab are doing so well is simply because there are few government sponsored programs of its type. “Many communities have a detox center where addicts can spend a few days to safely come down off a substance, but then they turn the addict out onto the street to continue their quest for their drug of choice,” he notes.

Drug Abuse and Depression Often Linked

Per Wickstrom knows that there is something in society that is causing drug abuse and high levels of depression and until those issues are addressed, little can be done to prevent the problem. He continues to say that what the Best Drug Rehab has to offer that is helping is a structured program that works by addressing the root cause of an addict’s problems as well as alternative lifestyles so that they can go forward into a future devoid of drugs and/or alcohol.

Private Facilities Step up to the Plate

Since there is a lack of treatment facilities, private drug abuse programs are taking up the slack. Even so, there are entire counties without even adequate detox centers that are left treating addicts through emergency rooms at hospitals that just aren’t set up to work through the detoxification period, let alone provide any kind of ongoing therapy. If statistics were to be analyzed based on deaths per county and resources within those counties, it would probably be a good guess to say that more deaths occur in areas where there are insufficient county resources. These are the areas of the country that would benefit most from private facilities such as the Best Drug Rehab, and that’s why Per Wickstrom is moving mountains with facilities in several locations around the country.

So then, the answer to why drug related deaths are soaring comes with a two sided coin. The first answer is simply the fact that there are an insufficient number of high quality, long term treatment centers and the flip side is the growing sense of despair that is prevalent in today’s younger generation. With inadequate mental health services and a general lack of substance abuse treatment centers it can be expected that those numbers of drug related deaths will continue to rise unless something is done to get help where it is needed. Per Wickstrom is someone who is doing his part to provide facilities and professional treatment programs but many more of his ilk are needed. Will they step forward and if so, how soon? That is the $64,000 question.