Viv Smith is recognized by as an artist, explorer and award winning filmmaker, leading her way through the outdoor film industry.

Viv Smith

( — June 6, 2016) —  Vivienne Smith, artist, explorer, and award-winning filmmaker will be recognized by the Women Rock Project:  The Women Rock Project was started with the goal of having women contribute their life experiences, inspire, educate, and motivate others. It highlights women for their contributions to their fields and society, and gives them a place to share the secrets they have gained through their own lives. The Women Rock Project website shares biographies and video highlights to help women not only empower their lives, but to remember that all things are possible.

Vivienne Smith, at the age of 21, walked into the New Zealand bush on her first job in the industry, as the youngest and only female member of an all male crew.  4 years later, in India, she co-produced the filming of the Highest Altitude Marathon, taking charge of a ten men crew. She hurled herself into production against the challenges of a foreign language and a harsh environment.

Inspired, she packed her bags in June 2015, left her home of Sydney, Australia, and placed herself on a glacier as an Executive Producer for the Expedition Alaska Feature Documentary. She soon began her own production company, 1iOpen Productions, which produces stories and footage from some of the wildest and most remote environments of the planet. She launched her company into the disputed Jammu & Kashmir region of Northern India to accomplish the first ever non-military drone camera flight in the region. Alongside being an award winning filmmaker, for her film “The Traveler”, Vivienne has experience in the field as an editor, camera operator, and producer, leading her way into the film industry, while also mentoring other young women along the way.

A graduate of the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, she stepped away from creating award winning fashion films, and found herself heading into the wildest parts of the planet for a global television show, placing herself in the middle of the male dominated outdoor film industry. She developed a unique set of skills including filming from helicopters, hot air balloons, motorbikes and working in high altitude environments. She quickly rose to Senior Editor and Field Producer, working in many countries such as New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and Africa and the US on a variety of shows, productions and documentaries. Work has taken her to Mount Everest, Nepal, and through the jungles of Costa Rica. 

Although she has a solid background in action and adventure content, Viv is often asked what it is like to be the only female in an all male crew traveling and making outdoor adventure films. She responded by explaining to that although it is difficult being part of an all male crew, being a woman doesn’t seem to be a concern except to others, adding that you must be good at what you do.


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