Rev. Arlene Hylton, Spiritual Director of Safe Harbor House speaks about “You Are The Prayer” at a Sunday service for Agape Live.

Reverend Arlene Hylton of Safe Harbor House speaks on Agape Live
Rev. Arlene Hylton of Safe Harbor House speaks on Agape Live

( — March 11, 2016) Costa Mesa, CA — Our very own Reverend Arlene Hylton spoke at Agape Live during a 9A.M. Sunday service on March 6, 2016. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape, introduced Rev. Arlene to applause. “She runs the Oddyssey Ministry for Young Adults, the Teen Ministry, the Living Foods Ministry, is the Founding Guide for I Am Woman Ministry, is the Spiritual Director for Safe Harbor… and she probably has three or four other jobs I don’t know about.”

Rev. Arlene’s message was one of gratitude and focus, “I always begin with gratitude because it is powerful.” She shared some experiences that led her to that point on that stage, speaking of the supportive women she knew and loved, “I never knew the magnificence of women until now.”

Rev. Arlene introduced Safe Harbor’s founder Velvet Mangan to the audience, explaining how Velvet asked her to be the new spiritual leader for the treatment center. “Thank you for seeing the ‘yes’ in me,” she acknowledged. Hylton has been the Safe Harbor Spiritual Director for the last six years.

Rev. Arlene’s main message was “You are the prayer,” saying that there are circumstances each person still lives through, but there is a prayer inside too. She encouraged listeners to find that prayer and to be that prayer. Each person is also the answer to prayer, for themselves and others. “Everything that comes up in life comes up for a reason. It’s not to stop you, it’s to propel you. It’s to show you how much strength you have in you.”

Agape gets its name from the Greek word, meaning unconditional love. The organization was founded in 1986 and is active in its trans-denominational membership of over one million worldwide.

“We are on the planet to be and express the Divine Love of God that is alive in every fiber of our being, waiting to be released through us onto our world. Living as love is a way of life that brings heaven on earth.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape Founder and Spiritual Director

Rev. Arlene reinforced the message of living a divine life in her sermon. “Every prayer that you pray is valid, and every prayer that you pray has power,” she encouraged. “You have everything you need to fulfill your own life.” For more information on this topic, Rev. Arlene Hilton or Safe Harbor, see

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